The Lord Thy God Bare Thee

    And in the wilderness, where thou hast seen how that the Lord thy God bare thee, as a man doth bear his son, in all the way that ye went, until ye came into this place.” Deuteronomy 1:31

    God had brought the Israelites through the wilderness, bringing them manna from Heaven to eat, and protecting them in front and in back with a cloud of towering fire.  He guided their every step and ensured they walked after Him….  for forty years.  They were in this wilderness, struggling, fighting to stay alive, to keep their sanity, and they were trusting The Lord.  He had carried them, so He says in this scripture, like a father carries his son.  Then, He delivered them from the wilderness to the land of promise for a second time.  Yet, they were scared still, just as their fathers before them.  They were afraid even after God had cared for them for all this time.
    God says that in Christ we have nothing to fear.  He has defeated Satan at the Cross and the victory is His, and if we will believe Him, it is ours, as well.  He is not selfish and He shares His victory with us.  Therefore, there is nothing that can defeat us.  All of our enemies and our fears are defeated.  So, as we each have come out of our own wilderness and now embark into the next part of our life, in which The Lord still remains with us, know the Truth:
God still sits on the throne and God is still in control.
    He gave the Israelites the victory as they trusted in Him and allowed Him to guide them as a nation, and He will do the same for us as we continue to trust Him.  Things will get better with time, even if that time is not until we are glorified with Him in Heaven.  This world around us will not last and neither will the strife around us.  We cannot allow ourselves, or our brethren, to quit.  If we don’t quit, He won’t quit.
    There is a poem called “Footprints In The Sand,” or simply “Footprints” (author disputed), in which a man has a dream and sees his life while he walks beside God.  At the end of the walk, and the end of the images of his life, he looks back and sees two sets of footprints in the sand, but at the times where his life was hardest, there is but one.  He asks God why during those times did God leave him, and God tells him that those were the times He carried the man.  God is our Father, by chosen adoption.  He will carry us through when we cannot make it on our own.  God does it without fail. 

    Lean on Him, brethren, and He will bring you through this.  You’ve already been delivered from the wilderness, now leave the wilderness behind and move into the promise land, and if you think you cannot, believe that He can, and He will carry you into that place.


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