Thank You, Jesus!

    In a world that seems so volatile and so confusing, I thank the Lord God Almighty that He does not change.

    The Lord is my Rock, and my Fortress, and my Deliverer; the God of my Rock, in Him will I trust: He is my Shield, and the Horn of my salvation, my high Tower, and my Refuge, my Savior;” 2 Samuel 22:2&3

    God is always there for me.  He neither leaves me, nor forsakes me.  I am in His hands and I trust Him completely with all that I am.  Thank You, Jesus, for Who You are and for what You’ve done.  I bless Your Name.

    Thank You for this wonderful life.  Thank You for the life more abundant.  Thank You, thank You, thank You!  Thank You, Lord.  Amen, and Amen, again.