The Mocking Church

Likewise also the chief priests mocking said among themselves with the scribes, He saved others; Himself He cannot save. Let Christ the King of Israel descend now from the cross, that we may see and believe. And they that were crucified with Him reviled Him.Mark 15:31&32

The church that claims to understand scripture today is doing exactly what the chief priests here did. They are listening to the parts of scripture that fit what they already believe and like, choosing to deny the key fundamental point, which is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Sin exists and we need to be cleansed of it, but that requires acknowledgement of it. Some preachers are claiming that once we are saved, we no longer have a sin problem, but experience tells any person willing to be honest with themselves and God that that simply isn’t true. Yet, these preachers won’t teach about sin in the believer because saints don’t need to feel bad about their new lives in Christ.

Some preachers speak of God like He is the greatest winning lottery ticket ever and all we have to do is speak it and receive it from Him. They never talk about Christ being crucified, nor do they teach why. The word sin isn’t even in their vocabulary. They are preaching the almighty dollar, and pilfering the pockets of the Body in the process, all the while claiming to be Christian.

Sin needs to be addressed, because that is the only way anyone can know they get saved. It was addressed by Christ in the Cross, and the majority of the church is mocking Him because they don’t want to hear about the Cross. They say it’s too depressing and that no one wants to come to church and hear that.

The chief priests mocked Him, because they had no understanding. He was on that Cross, and even with all of the scriptures they had, they couldn’t see it. It takes the Spirit of The Lord to open our eyes that we can see it. The Truth is that by coming down from that Cross, Christ wouldn’t have saved anyone. They said He saved others, but they don’t know that He was literally in the process of saving them totally. If He saved Himself, which being God He actually could have, none of us would have been saved and mankind would have been no better, without any relationship with the Father, and most likely on the verge of total self destruction.

Thank You, Jesus, for staying on that Cross so that we might see, understand, repent, accept, in faith and be saved. May the remnant be the salt and light to not only the world, but to the apostate church.

God will not be mocked, ladies and gentlemen. His Blood was shed and He hung on a Cross to save us, because He loves us. He saves us from our sins, Biblically. The way to live this life is found there. Sin is clearly defined, and it is not whatever we make of it. The Word of God is black and white. There is no gray. We need to come weeping to the Cross and repent of all that God says is sin, not just what is sin in our own eyes. The Cross is for all of us, that we might be cleansed by faith.

The two thieves who hung on either side of Jesus reviled Him. They were the guilty ones, hanging on crosses of their own, and yet, they hated Him. May we, the church no longer be like the chief priests, the passersby, and the thief to his side. May we be as the thief on the other, and stop mocking Him, and stop hating Him. May we answer His knock and invite Him back in. May we repent and say with all of our hearts, “Remember me, O Lord.”