They Believed Them Not

Afterward He appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, and upbraided them with their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them which had seen Him after He was risen.” Mark 16:14

How so often since being saved I have asked this very thing of The Lord, to come to those around me, who knew me before I was saved and even this very hour don’t believe that God has truly been changing and continues to change me, that by knowing Him themselves, they may believe. Being under constant scrutiny and observation by those around me, as they wait for that moment I stumble before their eyes, that they might wag a finger or their tongue and ridicule my faith and call me hypocrite, can be so oppressive sometimes. Praise God for His strength and His unshakable joy and His unmovable Foundation Who is the Rock we can stand on, that being Christ Jesus! But, believer, there is yet something worse than an non-believer not believing our testimony is the Lord’s doing. There is the hardened hearts and unbelief within the Body of Christ.

How often have we questioned someone else’s faith, someone else’s walk, someone else’s testimony, or someone else’s salvation? When we do any of these things, are we actually questioning The Lord appearing in their lives? Are we alike unto the apostles who doubted that Mary Magdalene met Him after He rose again? How about when He came to the two in a different form and neither did they believe them?

Who are we to question these things of our brethren? Who are we to question when a brother received a word of knowledge from The Lord? Who are we to question the guiding of the Spirit in a sister who is walking a path not quite like our own? Or when we see a brother stumble or walk away and say they were never saved?

Brothers and sisters, we need not be divided and questioning the relationship that our spiritual siblings have with Jesus. We may differ in denominational understandings of the Bible, but the foundational Truths remain the same, so long as we all know Who Jesus is, the Jesus Christ of Nazareth, The Lord God Almighty. Let us all speak as one Body, with separate parts, working together to encourage one another’s faith, and thus, build upon our own individually. So long as the testimony is scripturally sound, when our brethren come to us zealously sharing what The Lord is doing in their lives, let us celebrate with them, in faith, and be blessed with them, and not need upbraiding from Christ for our hardened hearts.