The Rock Of Ages


Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant, how that all our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea; and were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea; and did all eat the same spiritual meat; and did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.” 1 Corinthians 10:1-4

Jesus was that Rock, huh? If you didn’t know, that Rock was their only supply of water. Interestingly, God told Moses to strike the Rock with his staff so that water would flow from it freely. It was an image of the coming Savior, how He would be raised upon a Cross and suffer and die for our sins, that God’s grace may be imparted freely for all who would come to that Cross in belief and receive. Beautiful, right? Well, Moses didn’t get that.

A small time down the proverbial path in that wilderness, the people grumbled once more about lack of water. Moses, again, turned to the Lord and God told him to speak to the Rock. This was very important in the imagery because it was to show us that once Jesus would be crucified and accepted, a believer need only come to Him making his requests to the Him. It is about the relationship. Jesus only had to die once for all, so God said speak to the Rock the second time. Moses let his anger at the people get the best of him and he instead struck the Rock again. Not only did he strike it once, he struck it two times at this second request of water. I would imagine that he struck it once, perhaps paused, and then hit it again in frustration. The Bible doesn’t say, but he did strike it twice after God told him to speak to it. So, what happened to Moses because he was disobedient? He was not allowed into the Promised Land.

That is how seriously the Lord sees our relationship with Him. He once yearned for us to come to His Son, and accept Him freely, having died for us once. Jesus cannot be crucified again. Once was sufficient. So, when we come to Him, accepting Him and what He has done, and then turn away back to our sinful habits, thinking that we can sin without consequence because His death cleanses from all sin, God gives warning. The Apostle Paul warned the Corinthians, using the examples of Israel’s past, and how so many who followed the cloud in the wilderness died in the wilderness because of their sins. We can dispute whether or not salvation can be lost. In my personal opinion, it can be given back, like any other gift. But, I am not trying to convince anyone of that, that is the Spirit’s work, not mine. I’ll just make one simple remark. Whether or not I’m correct, would we really wish to push God to find out? There are consequences to our actions. If you could ask Moses, He’d tell you so.

We must always remember our High Tower, our Mighty Fortress, our Refuge, our Rock. Jesus is our Savior, our Friend, but most importantly, He is our LORD God Almighty. He created us. He gave us His best when He did. And then, after we trampled upon and soiled what we were given, He gave us His All. He sacrificed Himself so that we could again have a relationship with Him, cleansed and made new. To not return this Love is not only disrespectful and undeserving, but it is cruel. He loves us without limit or end. We should muster all the Love He shares and give it right back. He was already struck once, let us not strike Him again. Let us instead do whatever we know will please our God, our One True God. He does not change, and His wrath should not be kindled against us, if indeed it can once again be. He still is the God Who walked with Adam in the garden. He is still the God Who walked with Enoch and translated him. God desires to walk with each of us and speak to us just as He once did to our forefathers. He stands near to us, so let us not reach for the world we left behind, but instead reach for the Hand of our Abba Father in Christ Jesus, our Rock, that the Living Waters flow freely unto us and from us, and live righteously before God, holy and separate before the eyes of the world.