Heaven Or Hell?


My God hath sent His Angel, and hath shut the lions’ mouths, that they have not hurt me: forasmuch as before Him innocency was found in me; and also before thee, O king, have I done no hurt.” Daniel 6:22

I have seen, lately, many claims that Hell does not exist, and if it does, then it is on those of us who believe it to prove that it does. I recall one person in my past who said that they thought Hell did exist, but that we were living in it right now on this Earth. Interestingly, most people do believe in Heaven, or some earthly invention of an equivalent, but most do not want to believe that there is One Triune God Who came down here in the Person of Jesus Christ to allow us to actually get there. To believe that, they also want proof, and they place it upon us who believe to also prove Him to them.

May I say that first and foremost, it is never the responsibility of a believer to prove any of the things that we, through faith, believe as Truth? That responsibility belongs to the Holy Spirit, Who is God. All a believer can do is point people to Jesus and pray for the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sins and open their eyes and hearts to the Truth we show them of Who He is and what He has done. That being true, then I can only trust in God to demonstrate His power to you who reads this who does not yet believe.

In this sixth chapter of the book of Daniel, we are given a glimpse of what happens when we die. It is not readily apparent in the script itself, but is spiritually discerned. The answer to the question of whether there is a Hell is a spiritual one. Both Heaven and Hell are spiritual destinations. We cannot visit either in the physical now to go and see to which we’d like to retire into eternity. Therefore, we must be shown spiritually, in our spiritual travel Planner, the Word of God, by our spiritual travel Agent, the Holy Spirit.

(I ask you, reader, to read chapter six yourself right now and then come back. It’s not long and should only take a moment.

If you’ve read it, welcome back. If not, I encourage you to do so soon, so the Spirit of The Lord can speak to you through it. Either way…)

Though King Darius was a heathen, he was used by God in a very special way. King Darius here represents God in that God declared the Law of Moses, which is right and holy, and which also is designed to show us we cannot not transgress it. We all break the commandments, all of us. He also represents God in that though he declared such a law that could not be kept, and Daniel broke it, he had a heart for Daniel and sought a way out for the man of God. God cares for us in the same way. He desired for us a Way out for us before we’d ever broken His Law, knowing each of us would, and will. Jesus said that He is that Way. Well, because of the sin of Adam, death will come for us all, it cannot be avoided. But there is a second death that can be. Jesus is our Way of avoiding the second death.

Daniel was a believer. He represents we who believe now, and all who have believed. He followed God no matter the cost, because he loved God and trusted Him, just like we should this day.

Now, that law that Darius signed was a law that went against what God wished, so we cannot look at that law in its physical context. We must see it in the spiritual implication. It represents the Law we could not follow as far as doing all that God wished, and even if we did or even could, it would not benefit us in the end, in that it could not save us.

So, Daniel, who followed God, was set into a den, which represents a grave, for there was only death upon those who were placed there. Further, it represents the Tomb of Jesus, for a stone was placed over it and a seal of the king also, just like the Master’s Tomb. And while Daniel was in it, God (His Angel) was with him. This represents we who have believed and are crucified with Christ, buried with Him, and resurrected also with Him.

While Jesus is with us, the sting of death and the accusations of Satan, represented by the lions, cannot harm us. Jesus overcame both death and the Devil, and His victory translates onto us now and when we die. He stands for us, shutting the mouths of the lions, in both taking the bite (the sting) out of death and keeping Satan’s accusations silenced. And after we die, we walk again anew, alive unto Christ more than we were before, as represented by the proclamations given by the king after Daniel’s release from the den. We become glorified through Christ, given new bodies, eternal life and all things, of which we now have but a part.

As for the question of there being a Hell, we are given the damnation of those who would not believe through those who had accused Daniel and even invented the law that went against God (for which we can now view said law in its physical context). The moment they were thrown into the den (the grave), the lions broke their bones, and devoured them. The sting of death was apparent as was the attacks of Satan in the accusations. They did not rise from this death as they stood alone, without His Angel to intervene. They were destroyed. The action was swift. They no sooner entered the grave than they were destroyed, their bodies not even hitting the ground, they, there wives, and their children. This shows the great multitude that is heading toward Hell, even blindly (as represented by the wives and the children), versus the few who find the narrow path (Daniel).

So, is there a Hell? Is there a Heaven? The answer is yes, without question. The real question is will you accept the Truth of it now, or will you be stubborn and hard hearted, only to be given the proof you required when it is already too late to accept it and be saved? The Bible says that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. I pray that you consider what God has been saying, and allow Him to author some faith within you to accept it.

For my brethren, who already believe the Truth, go. Go and share this message, this logos, with those around you. There isa Hell, and none should wish it to be proven to them the hard way, when there is no longer a way out. They need to be shown this, and know that the Way out is just as true, for He is Truth. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and it all pertains to Heaven with Him, or Hell without Him. It’s not about the good life here and now. It’s about the eternal after this.