Christ, Our Righteousness


I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.” Galatians 2:21

The Law of Moses was designed by God to instruct mankind of what He expects from the lives He created and freely gave to each of us. Having Sin upon us, we are each bent toward the things that break every last one of the Ten Commandments. We strive to keep them; but, even in our outward attempts, we fail in our hearts. Since that is what God looks at when He sees each of us, then that is what we should look at within ourselves and realize that we fail daily to keep those Commandments. This results in unrighteousness in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. The Law shows us just how unrighteous and unholy we truly are, and though the Law is perfect and holy, it could never save us, no matter how closely we adhered to it.

Praise The Lord that Jesus humbled Himself, stepped down from His Throne on High, and made Himself of no reputation! He became Man and lived among us, giving up everything He had, even unto death, even death upon a Cross. He gave us His all, and in doing so, made us, who will believe, clean of our Sin and righteous in the eyes of the Father.

It is by His Grace, through faith in Jesus Christ and Him crucified, that we are justified, having done nothing but believe. Those Ten Commandments no longer hold over our heads the sin that so easily besets us. They are still holy and good. They still show us what God expects, but only the shed Blood of Jesus can wash away our Sin and impart unto us righteousness, and in Christ, the Law is fulfilled! That was the whole reason He came down here! Jesus came to die for us. He was given by the Father, because God so loved this world. He did not die in vain.

Therefore, we should live by the very faith that enabled us to become cleansed by the Blood. Every day, we should give back to Him the lives He died for and gave to us, by denying our own desires and impulses. We should then pick up our Cross, which is truly His Cross, and follow Him, which is to trust that He has already led the way, for He is the Way, and that He has done all that is to be done.

So, we should not set aside the Cross. It is that Cross (what Jesus did for us upon it) which we should keep our focus of faith upon. To set it aside would be to set aside grace, because our faith in His finished work is the key to receiving God’s freely given goodness, to which we otherwise are undeserving. That is the definition of grace. It is all about the Cross. Our salvation comes through the Cross, and so does our sanctification. Everything was given to us there. Praise God that Jesus rose from the grave, demonstrating His victory over death itself! But praise Him all the more for having laid down His Life to begin with! Thank You, Jesus!


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