Do Not Do It!


Go ye not into Egypt.” Jeremiah 42:18

Johanan and all of the remnant of Judah came to the prophet Jeremiah and asked that he would pray for The Lord to give them instruction on the way they should walk, and what they should do. Jeremiah agreed to this, and since God does nothing hidden, He shared all with the prophet and told him that if the remnant would remain there, He would bless them and build them up and even have the king of Babylon send them back to their own land.

If, however, they chose to go to Egypt, then surely they would die there, and quickly, of the very things they feared: sword, pestilence, and famine. And The Lord, having given them their choices tells them not to go to Egypt. Don’t do it. And here is the worst part: they had already decided before ever sending Jeremiah to pray that they would go to Egypt. God knew! And He shared it with Jeremiah who told them they would pay for their choice!

How many times have we come before our Lord and God with desires in our heart which we know do not align with His righteousness and holiness? How many times? We come before Him asking for what we know we cannot have, for in giving such to us, He would have to negate His own Word. This He will never do! And so, we often take what we want anyway, and to our own detriment because He will not allow His children to go very deep at all into sin against Him without paying the price. The wages of sin is death, and so to pay consequences now is a much greater blessing than we may now know.

God tells us clearly, do not do it! Don’t go back into a world that does nothing but pit us against Him. Christ died once for all, but He cannot be crucified anew. We shame ourselves when we dishonor His work on the Cross. We should always come to Him with pureness of heart when we ask for guidance so that we can accept what He gives to us, and never with already decided minds to do what we will regardless of what He might say. He wants only to keep us safe from the world, the devil, and mostly, ourselves.