Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. If I must experience the same, and God forbid that I do, I pray that I hold into the One Who means most to me, even if only in spirit. God bless Daniel, and Daniel’s children.

Thank you for sharing this, Jessi.

God's Waiting Room

Daniel had been with me at the facility for over eight years. When he was first admitted, he walked, told off the wall jokes and seemed to be an all around guy.He had served in the Navy, obtaining the rank of Captain. He held a Ph.D in Theology. He had five sons and one daughter that loved him very much and doted on him since the loss of his wife fifteen years ago.

Time is often the enemy to those who have dementia. It creeps along each day, slowly stealing the most valuable thing any person has- memories. Think about it; imagine your most dear memory- the birth of your child, your wedding day; your greatest accomplishment in your life. Now imagine not being able to recall the beautiful face of your newborn baby or that of the man/woman who stood at the altar, smiling as they said ” I…

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