Remember Lot’s Wife


Remember Lot’s wife.” Luke 17:32

In the destruction of Sodom, Lot, his wife, and his two daughters are led by angels to flee the city. They are told not to look back, yet Lot’s wife does look back. She is turned into a pillar of salt and is caught up therefore in the destruction because she showed care for the city she was to leave behind and was then part of it and not The Lord.

Jesus warned the people that in that day of the Son of man, His return, He would come in a flash, and that those who were called to Him should not care for this world but be ready, looking to the Heavens for His arrival. In His lesson, He gives examples of those who are away from their stuff, and at the call might look back for the sake of their things. He explicitly says not to do so, and says that seeking our lives, we would lose them, and He says to remember the wife of Lot.

We should not have too much care for our lives or the stuff therein. This includes others. Not the one in the field with us. Not the one in our bed with us. Not the one working with us. What happens to each person is between them and The Lord, and though we should always share the gospel, we should also always be wary of our own salvation, always working it out with fear and trembling, ever looking upward for the return of our Lord God that we might hear the call and heed it.

Let us love others as we would love ourself, but first and foremost, let us love God. Let nothing hold us back now or in that day He returns from serving Him whole heartedly in anticipation of going Home. God bless.



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