Jesus is God and He is Good


Why callest thou Me good? None is good, save One, that is, God.” Luke 18:19

Wednesday was an interesting day. It was smack dab in the middle of my vacation, but prior to leaving work on the previous Thursday, I made a decision to help my friend and co-worker.

She had gotten coverage for herself and her shift for Wednesday, but at the last minute, that person failed her and left her “holding the bag.” She was upset because she had made plans to go out of town with her husband and kids for Thanksgiving, but now everyone would be held up because she had to work once again. She did not ask, but I saw the anger and frustration in her, so I offered to work for her, thus cutting my vacation in half. I wasn’t doing anything special anyway, and she was in need. So, I left work, now having to return for a day. I wasn’t upset, and felt like I had done right by The Lord in making that sacrifice.

Well, Wednesday arrived and I made the usual ride to work uneventfully. I got there, clocked in, and settled into my usual morning routine, which included the greatest morning blessing ever given by Almighty God, coffee. As I sat and enjoyed my brew, the boss came into the break room and told me that one nurse had called in and there would now be only one nurse, so we had to make accommodations in the way we would proceed with patients, and she had already rescheduled many. So, if it was slow in the afternoon, she had already informed the rest of the staff that I was to be sent home first, if I so desired, because I wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. Nice, right? I mean, I feel bad about the nurse who called in, and without sharing details, I ask that you pray for her and her family.

God was moving, and being His child, I should have seen it, but didn’t. At least, not yet. I got out early and just past noon, on the ride to my favorite coffee shop, I stopped at a red light and I saw a young man sitting on the corner with his head in his hands. It appeared to me that he was crying. Usually, because we have so many homeless people out here, I just pray and then go about my business. But this time, I was to be about God’s business. So, I turned that corner and parked my scooter in the very first parking lot. Then I walked to that young man.

He didn’t hear me the first time I called out, “Excuse me, sir.” Apparently, he was either oblivious to my presence or he wasn’t used to being called sir. Either way, it took a second time for him to acknowledge me. I smiled when he looked up and I could see he had definitely been crying. So, I asked if he was alright. He shook his head and said, “No.”

I recall a moment when one of my beloved pastors was mentoring me, and I was in the same mental and emotional state as this young man. I recall he was smiling from ear to ear as I was pouring my heart out to him. He apologized, but told me he could see The Lord at work within me and was excited for me. He knew that I would one day look back and see that time as some of the sweetest spent with The Lord, as I grew closer to Him. He was so right, and to this day, I remember that whenever I find myself on the mentoring end of things and I have to check my grinning from ear to ear as I don’t want to send the wrong message to someone who does not yet believe.

Danny (the young man) is such a one. He does not yet believe, but God is working on him, and to we who do believe, it is so obvious. So, I checked my over exuberant smile and I asked him why, knowing full well it was the day before Thanksgiving. He admitted he was alone on the holiday and it finally hit him after getting 86’d from the Denny’s right there on that corner. So, I invited him to lunch. We walked to Cici’s Pizza and he ordered a large pepperoni.

As we waited for the pizza to be cooked, I shared my heart for The Lord with him, his need of God in his life, how all of what was happening to him was being used by God to get Danny to see that Danny needs God, and how my life had paralleled his in many respects. I shared how God used similar circumstances to get me to see Him. I shared with him the gospel and told him the Truth and prayed with him, inviting him to our church dinner today. I pray he makes it.

I walked away from Danny knowing I had done The Lord’s work and headed to the coffee shop, thinking the whole way how blessed I was and how ungrateful I had become for the things He has given me. I thanked God the entire way, praising the name of Jesus! I got to the coffee shop and saw my friend Nolan. I knew his life was in turmoil, so I asked what was up. After many previous conversations between him and I about God verses the “Universal Energy,” he began to admit being broken and turning to God in his brokenness. He had no choice anymore but to admit God exists and created all things, because he knew he called out to God in his anguish and God answered by giving him comfort within.

So, the day was not over, and we began our conversation anew. This time, he had ears to hear, and wanted to engage further. So, here I am on this holiday morning, with a brand new Bible for him, and here I shall sit and discuss Jesus with him, once more doing the Lord’s work. God is indeed good. I am so very thankful that He is.



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  1. See, not just pizza but even Godly love is delivered by scooters now. And in obeying the Holy Spirit, you may have entertained someone who might be a mighty man of God, even if it takes another forty years for him to get there. After all, we are all still on that journey! 😀

    Awesome writing, thanks for sharing!


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