Dear Devil


An open letter to Satan:

Yes, Lucifer, I know you can read. You are intelligent enough that by now you must have learned every language in the world, both spoken and written, that you might more easily deceive every nation. Therefore, I know you are watching me write this from over my shoulder, and you must be so very smug with yourself as you read my written acknowledgement of you and your great intelligence.

You are much smarter than I and I know that I am no match for your wiles. In fact, you have kept me in chains for years and I never even knew it. You are so cunning, it is frightening. All of this is true, and so much more of you, prince of the air. This world belongs to you, handed over by the mistake of my forefather Adam. I freely admit that because the Bible tells me it is true. There is much more that that great Book tells me about you.

I know you are music. I know that God created you to be music. You were made to be worship to the Lord, but pride welled up within you and you just couldn’t see yourself serving Him in such a seemingly humiliating way. You saw yourself as worthy of the praises you were meant to present continuously. And so, you were relieved of that responsibility forevermore.

How was that blow to your ego? If you felt prideful in that you thought yourself equal to God, it must have been so much more humiliating to be told you would no longer be leading your brethren in worshipping with the music you were created to be.

I know also that you do nothing but lie continuously to everyone. There is not one shred of truth in what you say. You misquote the Bible by intentionally omitting key portions of scripture, twisting and bending what you do “quote” to your own will and convincing others who desire to hear it in the way you present it.

I know you constantly accuse the brethren. You do it to me all of the time. You tell me I am not saved. You tell me I am not being used of God. You tell me that I am such a sinner that God will not honor His commitment because I am not truly worthy. You say I should take my own life. Lies. All of it.

The Bible says that I am a sinner, no doubt. The Bible also says that if I call on the name of Jesus and believe in Him as both God and Man, and repent of my ways, then I am saved.

Jesus Christ came to live a perfect life which I could not do. He lived this life so that He could be presented before God, the Father, in Heaven, spotless, qualified to become a sacrifice to atone for the sins of all mankind. He willingly gave up His own life on a Cross, bearing the shame, and taking upon Himself the sins of every man, woman, and child who has ever lived, is now living, and ever will live, just as the types and shadows of the Old Covenant sacrifices show us. It is as though we all placed our hands upon his head and confessed our sins, that they would be upon the Lamb of God, Who was slain. His death, His sacrifice, more than covered our sins for a season. Jesus washed them all away as though they never were. I believe this Truth and I accept Him and what He there did upon that Cross. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. He is mine, and I am His.

Don’t flee just yet, Satan. You need to read this. You must know. I am a sinner saved by the grace of God. No weapon you have fashioned can come against me and win. In Christ, there is victory over you. I stand with Him. Therefore, you have already lost. Try as you may, you can’t win. Your attempts will come to naught.

In the book of Job, I have learned that you must give report to God. You still serve Him, even as you walk upon this earth. Within your railing attacks, I know God has given permissions and limitations. You can only go as far as God allows. And Hoss, God will not allow me to suffer more than He knows I can handle. He promises me… wait for it… a way of escape, not one time, but every time. And those trials you throw my way… God is using them to strengthen my faith and purify it. He is using you to make me better. Actually, God is using your trials to make me more like His Son.

So, I’m not stupid. I’m not going to say “bring it on,” because that is just ignorant. I trust God and know He is there with me at all times, but that does not mean I need to test God by enticing the likes of you, Lucifer. No, I will simply go the route of the archangel Michael. You know him, I believe. He is the one who stands between you and Israel. He is that angel to whom God entrusted defending His people. He is also the same who said to you, “The Lord rebuke thee.” I must say the same, though we say it differently down here. You may have heard this before.

In the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, the King of kings, Lord of lords, Prince of peace, Who rules and reigns forever and ever, I rebuke you, Satan. By the authority of the Name above all other names, Jesus Christ, you must flee, Lucifer. You may have the world, it is fleeting anyway. But as for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.


A child of the One true Living God, Jesus Christ