Krispy Kreme

I’m sitting in a Krispy Kreme donut shop, watching the donuts pass through the conveyor belt system of creation.

From inception to the final product, each donut goes through the same process. They must first be created. All of the ingredients are thrown together and mixed and kneaded as they become dough. Then, the dough is formed into rings. They look like donuts, but they are new. They are still raw and flat, almost two dimensional.

The next step is to be exposed to heat. It is not so hot as to cook them, for they are not ready for that, yet. However, this heat is designed to help them grow. As they rise in this growth process, they become fuller and more three dimensional. They begin to truly take on the shape and look of a donut, but though they are fuller in appearance, they are still raw.

Then the real fire comes as they are dropped into hot oil. Now, the cooking comes, but it is only on one side. The heat of the oil sears the donut and gives it color and firmness. But, as the process on that side completes, the donut is flipped over and the oil sears the other side and it turns that lovely golden hue. Once the flavor of the golden color has become a part of the donut, it is finally pulled out from the oil and allowed to dry. The excess oil drips off of it as it is raised out of the oil, but still above it. Te heat from that oil still makes its way to the donut, but it is no longer as severe

Then, the donut cooled from that part of the process is dressed in sugar. Each is coated with a bath of liquid sugar and as that sugar begins to solidify, additional flavors of sugar coating like maple, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, or combinations of any of those are placed upon them. Finally, now having gone through that entire process without skipping any steps, the donuts are called donuts and they are set on display to excite and ultimately bring joy to whomever eats them.

And the two which I enjoyed were wonderfully delicious. They literally were the catalyst that lifted me out of a somber mood. There is much to be done, and I was feeling the pressure of it all; but, praise The Lord for Krispy Kreme donuts!

So, here I sit, as I watch those donuts, contemplating all that The Lord is doing in my life. And a simple realization comes to me that we are all just like those donuts. After what I heard taught last night about the journey from our start to the vision God gives us, it isn’t surprising. I really can see us as those donuts. Well, except for the end where they get devoured.

God creates us anew when we come to Him repentant and accepting Jesus. But, we are flat, almost two dimensional. Everything that we will ever need or be is there. He already imparts our spiritual gifts, but we are not ready to go, yet. We need to grow. Growth takes time. And growth is painful. Whether it is a constant pressure or heat, or whether it is a searing trial in hot oil, we must go through it. Every Christian does.

And the processes we all go through will be very similar. God knows what works and He knows what will work for each of us. So, He will design our trials to get us to a desire outcome. Yes, He is already at that outcome and He knows the outcome, but that does not mean we won’t go through it. We must in order to handle where we are headed. It is how He will use us for which we are preparing and or which we are being formed.

So, I turn my gaze to the finished product again, those sweet glazed beauties standing on the line awaiting their turn to bring joy to someone’s child, someone’s spouse, someone’s friend. I see the customers smiling as they look upon them and choose their favorites, excited to have them and I pray that God continue to change me from the inside out, forming me into the image of Christ. I pray and take ahold of my faith that God’s Light shines forth from me that others look at me and see something wonderful in me that they desire for themselves. I know that The Lord is working on me, placing me from one heat to another, flipping me over to get all sides, and I look forward to my final sugar glaze when I am glorified into Heaven. Until then, may people see the changes happen as I am brought through conveyor. I pray they see the changes in you, too. Praise God! Praise Jesus!



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