War Horse

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“He delighteth not in the strength of the horse: He taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man. The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear Him, in those that hope in His mercy.” Psalm 147:10-11

A short while ago, over a year actually, I met a sister in Christ who I had gotten to know a little. I would share with her the scriptures and what The Lord was showing me through His Word, and she would share with me the things which she felt she was receiving from The Lord through visions. It was she who shared with me a vision she had of a horse.

The horse was a beautiful stallion, regal and spotless. It was strong and several hands taller than a standard horse as he stood snorting, ready for battle. She said that it was the Lord’s stallion, and that was how she saw me. It was a beautiful image and I was blessed by it, but in the wrong way.

You see, pride is an issue with which every person struggles. Some of us struggle more than others, but all of us have pride to some extent. At that time in my life, I had quite a bit of pride, and, to some extent, I still do. I was so prideful that my ex-wife, a lifelong believer, called me one afternoon (shortly before that particular sister shared the horse vision) to inform me that God was dealing with me in my pride. She said I was still filled with pride, and the Lord wanted it gone and I would go through trials dealing with it until I was humbled. I cannot tell you the extent to which she was right, God rest her soul.

So, there was pride. When the vision of the horse was coupled in my mind with how I had always viewed myself akin to the workhorse in the book “Animal Farm,” I felt justified by it and I allowed the wrong interpretation to swell my pride further. Well, that was over a year ago, and here we are today, finally addressing the subject matter of that vision correctly.

God was telling me Himself that I was the proud Horse, and that I stood strong in my own self worth and ego. My pride was indeed very, very large. And after all of this time, as I am coming back into right relationship with Him and hearing His direction in my life, He and I are discussing the pride which has gotten me into more trouble than anything else. God takes no delight in the strength of my pride. Pride focuses on self and not on God, so to have a relationship with the Lord demands the release of pride. God cannot stand it because it is sin and sin separates.

He takes no pleasure in my legs when they elevate me in my pride. I can either stand strong and unyielding in my pride, or I can let him knock my hip out of joint by the touch of His finger and then have to lean on Him. It might sound like that choice is easy, but it isn’t always so. My life is testament to that. My desire is to stand, not in pride nor by my own strength, but by His strength. I long for His hands to hold me up. I want to release, this day, my prideful ways, but I still struggle.

I do fear The Lord. I am leaning on that blessed hope of His mercy, through the grace provided by His Blood at Calvary. And so I pray:

Father GOD, wash my feet, Lord, and humble me once more in Thine sight. Take from me this pride that holds me up and cause me to lay in the green pastures by still waters. Father, fill my cup to overflowing and use me once more for Your glory. Break me, Lord. I want to surrender all. Take from me what is not needed and not worthy of a child of God. Create in me a new heart with new desire for You, for Your Word, and for holiness and righteousness. Slay at Your feet the old man which I no longer want. A living sacrifice may I be unto You, Lord, for You alone are holy. There is none like You, for You are God, and beside You there is no other. The praise and the glory and the honor are Yours, forever and ever. Amen.