The Priest Sent Back

God Will Use You

“Then the king of Assyria commanded, saying, Carry thither one of the priests whom ye brought from thence; and let them go and dwell there, and let him teach them the manner of the God of the land. Then one of the priests whom they had carried away from Samaria came and dwelt in Beth-el, and taught them how they should fear The Lord.” 2 Kings 17:27-28

Thus begins a new path to me. I continue down the path which The Lord has laid before me, but if I am to be honest, this was not exactly the path I had forseen. No, this path is better, so much more so than the one I had contrived. This path is His perfect will.

I, like the vast majority of Christians, struggle with sin. There are underlying reasons which go behind the obvious as to why the struggle remains. While I will not go into them here, I will simply state that this first step is one of many more to come along the road to healing and recovery. But oh what a first step !

First, The Lord said, “Be brave and do what must be done.” This was a word to me to face my fears and my struggle head on. The Lord is with me and therefore, who or what could be against me? So, I am to have no fear in the process, only trust. Just do as He directs. Or, as Nike so succinctly put it, “just do it.”

Second, I knew the Voice of The Lord in my heart and way down down in my very being. When He placed in me to follow after Him to another church, I did as He asked. And not long after, I got confirmation. I saw a post on Instagram that read, “God protects you from what is not best for you. When things end with no warning, there’s something greater at work.”

There were those who said they didn’t believe that God would move in the way He did in my life. They said He was a God of order and that I had responsibilities which were entrusted to me and which He would expect to be handed over in a certain way. They said Satan rushes, but God has patience. While I do believe God is of order and patience, I also believe He does what must be done for us one by one. My walk is not your walk is not anyone else’s walk. I can tell you, if God had not done it the way He did, I would have doubted it, become like a teeter tottering, fence riding, confused, child. I would have remained frozen where I was out of the very fear He knew existed within me. I would have stuck with the status quo. But God is not a God of confusion and He was very clear. It was not about the other church. It was about me and my struggles which went unnoticed by those around me, hidden by yours truly. If God desires an intimate relationship with me, then why would He not shake me up to get my attention back on Him?

Third, the second man I met at the new church is the right hand to the head pastor. I didn’t know this when he introduced himself, but I quickly found this out. And as it turns out, the sin with which I struggle is the very same shade of sin he gained victory through Christ over earlier in his own life. God brought me to a man who understands, and not only that, who possesses the tools and the stratagem to help me gain the same victory through Christ.

I love my brothers where I was, but they would never have opened up like this. If you are one of my brothers from Calvary, listen to me! Let it all go today. Don’t be afraid. Where the bible says to confess your sins one to another and be healed, God is not kidding. So, take off your masks. I know you each wear one, even if it is a mask of filtering your struggles and not fully opening up to each other. I wore that very mask! It does not matter if you are the newest member of the church or the senior pastor. The life of living beyond reproach is enslaving your brothers around you because it is not truthful living.

Paul wrote that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. He is talking to the saints about the saints! Your brethren are being saved, but they are not free. There is no liberty in wearing that mask and alienation is actually what is happening! Open up to each other and bond through trust in Christ.

At any rate, this journey is where I am supposed to be. I have lived in the camp of the enemy, but have hidden it from my family. Like that priest who was brought back to teach those who lived in Samaria following the removal of the Samaritans to fear The Lord, God will bring me back to release many more who are just like me. I believe that if you are reading this still, then there is something which needs to be dealt with in your life. Set it down. Talk about it to a brother or sister and be open and honest. Let God bring you out of Assyria and back to Samaria, out of Babylon and back to Jerusalem, out of Egypt and back into the promise land. Let Him heal you, as I endeavor to learn to trust Him to a greater degree and let Him heal me. He’ll use you. He’ll use me. He wants to use us to free the captives through Jesus Christ.