My Guide


My Guide

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with Mine eye.” Psalm 32:8

Not so very long ago, a wise friend of mine made an observation which has stuck with me. He told me that it was God Who showed him, and I believe him.

You see, he has a beautiful white German Shepard. She is rambunctious and gets some separation anxiety through which she acts out at home from time to time. She also has the energy of a puppy, which makes for a challenging time because she is always on the move.

When he shared with me, we were all hiking, my friend, his dog, and me. While out at Mt Charleston he told me that his dog was like us. I asked what he meant by that and he said to watch her. So, I did. While he and I were hiking a path at a nice steady pace, his dog was off the trail, into the surrounding area, ahead of us, behind us, occasionally coming back to him, but mostly all over the place. He then said that she was not looking to him for direction. She was off doing her own thing and wasting a lot of time and energy. Then he called her to him.

She came right to him and we stopped. She sat before him and then he gave her a few commands – she is very well trained – which she immediately obeyed. When he had her full attention, we began to hike again. For but a few seconds, she walked at his side, then off she went!

He then told me that we all need guidance to stay on the path of righteousness. We have to constantly be in communication with God to receive that guidance. Otherwise, we just run around doing what we think is right or okay, even if it’s wrong, wasting both time and energy that could be better spent serving God’s Will. I agreed, but thought on it.

My thoughts were such that I was making excuses for why I didn’t ask God for guidance often enough. The biggest one was that I didn’t think I heard God saying anything most of the time. I placed that blame on His shoulders, when really, I wasn’t seeking. A few days later, God expounded on what my friend had told me, while we were all at the park.

My friend has spent so much time with his dog that he does not always give her verbal commands. She was some thirty feet from him and with just a simple hand gesture, she laid down and waited for her next command. He threw a ball for her to chase, so that it bounced within twenty feet or so and she watched it for a second, but kept looking back to him. Then he gave another hand gesture and she jumped right up and chased down the ball.

God wanted me to know that though we may not always hear His Voice, He is always there, waiting to give us His guidance. It is up to us to look to Him to receive it and if we stay focused on Him, no distraction of Satan will lure us away. He will teach us how to look to Him, if we trust Him to do so.

Sitting here at my local park tonight and watching some folks going through training with their dogs reminded me of that. This came right on time for me, too, because I wasn’t letting God guide me today. I was upset about nothing and acting out. I was choosing to walk my own way and wasn’t representing Christ. And I have been down all day because of my choices, under heavy oppression, and wasn’t seeking The Lord on it. I needed the reminder.

Thank You, Jesus, for this reminder. You are my faithful Friend, my Counselor, my God and I love You, and I need You, and I want You in my life, more and more. Help me to honor that in all that I do, Lord. Teach me, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.