My Prayer

Father God, You said, “Come now. Let us reason together.”

Okay, Lord. Here I am. I’ve come before You.

I know what is in my heart, just as You do. I’m sure You know more of what is there than I, but of what I do know…

I’m so messed up.
There is so much sin within me still.

I am selfish.

I am prideful.

I am no representative of You in most of what I think and do.


God, You are faithful.

If You say my sins are washed away…
If You say I am white as snow…
If You say I am a saint…

Then, Lord, I am clean of my sins.

I am white as snow, wearing the robes You have given me through Christ.

I am a saint, forgiven, and chosen by You to serve You; to be the man You’ve made me to be.

I believe You, Lord.
I choose to stand in Christ.

Bridle my mouth, Lord.
Direct my paths, Father.

Whisper once more in my ear all that You want me to hear and help me to listen and to follow. Give me the ears to hear, O God. Reawaken this man of God.

To You, O Lord, goes all of the glory, all of the honor, and all of the praise.

In Jesus’ Name,