The Wrath Of God

“For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:” Colossians 3:6

The wrath of God is a very serious thing. One cannot separate God’s wrath from Who He is. God is Love, says the Word, but God’s wrath comes upon those who will not accept His Love.

“The Father loveth the Son, and hath given all things into His hand. He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.” John 3:35-36

Yet, God’s wrath is downplayed in the modern church. All that is told to us is that God loves us, but with the caveat of God accepting us just the way we are. There seems to be no mention of a changed life through repentance. It’s all about getting blessings from the God Who loved us so much that He died to give us “stuff.” It’s a sad state we find ourselves in where few churches are speaking the Truth, the entire truth.

God did not send Jesus to the Cross to provide us a larger house, a faster computer, a higher end vehicle, money in the bank, etc. God sent Jesus to the Cross to give to us something far more precious to us than any “stuff” could possibly be worth. He gave us salvation. He gave us the gift of freedom from the choice of sin, not just the penalty. He gave us the gift of relationship with Him through Christ. Ladies and gentlemen, the reason no one can get to the Father, and therefore Heaven where He resides, except through Jesus, is because Heaven is a relationship forever with God!

You may say, Marcus, we understand that; so, why mention God’s wrath?

Let me describe for you a dream I believe God shared with me, that I could help bring this message to you who need to hear it, whether not yet saved or backslidden.

In this dream, I found myself walking in a meadow. It was filled with all sorts of flowers and wildlife. Life abounded. On the edge of the meadow, was a wood line. As I crossed into the woods, I saw all sorts of water features, streams and ponds, which supported the life therein. There were large trees making up the forest, but they were spread so that light filled the spaces between them and smaller plants grew everywhere. Deer pranced through and knelt at the waters to slake their thirst. It was utter beauty. Perfect.

Then, I was whisked away to deal with bickering and arguing in a meeting where I tried to mediate peace to no avail. I was saddened, but not disheartened by it. Yet, in the midst of this, I was taken back to the woods.

The woods had changed. It was all but destroyed. The water was being redirected by a brick dam of sorts toward the meadow. The plants were dying and the animals were now absent. As I followed the water to the meadow, I witnessed the meadow, too, destroyed. It was replaced with concrete, metal, and all sorts of hard materials in a complex system of homes and businesses. Not quite what I would call a town or a city, but alike to it. There were water fountains and waterfalls all made from building materials. It was entirely a work of men’s hands. What was once beautiful had been destroyed and replaced with someone else’s idea of beauty.

I was filled with anger at what I witnessed. I must tell you that, even in a dream, I have never before been so angry, so anything. I was so infuriated, that when I awoke, both of my hands were clenched in fists. I believe God wanted me to get a taste of why His wrath was kindled in the first place.

You see, God created Heaven and Earth and all that is therein and called it good. He even made man and he, too, was called good. But, man was corrupted and with his self corruption, Adam corrupted the entirety of the world God had created. God foreknew this would happen, but His wrath, justifiably, was kindled as a result. His children had become disobedient.

The saddest part about the whole thing is that Adam knew this. He knew this and it is the very thing which we seem to forget today. He hid himself, he and Eve, from God when they realized what they had done. They knew they could no longer be in His Presence, for their shame and their sin was worn upon them like a yoke around their necks. And it wasn’t so much the destruction of His creation that brought God’s wrath. It was the jealousy over what He lost. For God lost His relationship with man as a result of man’s fall, and every decision we make that chases self promotion, self satisfaction, self pleasure, self, self, self draws us away from Him and brings upon us His wrath.

This is why we were given Jesus. Jesus Christ took upon Himself the wrath of the Father, so that we wouldn’t have to. Upon that Cross of Calvary, for each and every one of us individually, but simultaneously and totally, Jesus took the punishment. For the punishment of sin is death, and for that, Christ died.

All we have to do is believe it, and repent of our selfishness. We have to choose to follow Jesus. In accepting His sacrifice as ours, God the Father sees us as He sees Jesus: righteous and holy, blameless and spotless. We are once more brought into right relationship with God. And His wrath toward us is satisfied through Christ. It is no longer there towards us.

However, my friends, if we do not believe and we refuse to repent of our ways, the wrath remains because we become again subject to the law. The law could not save us from His wrath, for it was designed to show us we couldn’t be righteous on our own.

“For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.” James 2:10

The one point in which we’ve all offended, even before we were born, is what we share in our father Adam. His offense was disobedience and through him, we all offend because we are innately selfish due to his fall, and disobedient even as ignorant of the law.

So, there it is. The wrath of God does not change, just as God does not change. But, neither changes the Love of God for the same reason. God does not change. It’s one or the other: the full wrath for our sin if we stand alone or the full Love if we stand with Christ. It’s all our choice. Choose wisely.



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  1. Quite a bit of truth written here. The seeming dichotomy of a God of wrath with the same God of love is breathtaking and marveling in nature. It never ceases to amaze me that our God of glory and truth and righteous wrath is also the same God who lovingly draws to Himself His children under His wing, as a shelter from the storm. What a beautifully dynamic God we serve. 🙂


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