God’s Prophet

Hey, gang. I haven’t written in quite a while, but I’m still reading. THIS post is a great read. Truth!


My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our glorious Lord and Savior, in these days of rampant deception we must guard our hearts and minds against the wiles of the enemy who seeks to deceive us not only by appearing as an angel of light but also through sending forth his ministers who appear to be ministers of righteousness.  These wicked workers will always present the world’s ways as legitimate avenues for knowing and pleasing our God.  They will attempt to turn our hearts away from the only source of God given revelatory truth which is the Holy Scriptures, the Bible, and turn our hearts to the devious demonic devices of fallen man masquerading as theology, exposition, prophesy, and personal revelation.  Throughout the ages there has always been the threat of missing God’s way by embracing man’s way.  So God has always warned His beloved children of these dangers…

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