What A Day

There are days when everything seems to be perfect.  On those days, nothing seems out of place.  Nothing is out of order and everyone is happy.  Those days are few and far between.  Today was already shaping up to not be one of those days.

It began at home.  I had planned last night to get up early this morning and spend some time with the Lord, perhaps swing into Starbucks and chill before work, and then begin a nice productive day.  Instead, I reset my alarm twice and got out of bed at the usual time, feeling groggy from messing up that last juncture of sleep.  No REM sleep was accomplished in that last hour, I can tell you.  But, I fell into the normal routine, shrugging off my laziness in getting up and not thinking about it otherwise.  I did not yet know what sort of day it was turning into, but I would very quickly find out.

I got on my motorcycle and headed out on the road to work.  That road takes me straight up Interstate 15 North, from the very south end of town.  Traffic was a little heavier than normal, but not a big deal.  I did notice a few cars were jockeying to be the first ones to merge onto the 15, so I allowed them to go ahead and do so, wary that they might not see me if I hadn’t.  All was routinely normal until we passed the South Point Casino/Hotel.  This is where the express lane divides into two lanes from one.

I merged into the express lane from the normal passing lane and stayed to the right.  That was when I saw it – RED.  Suddenly and without warning, vehicles in both express lanes had bright red brake lights rising into the air.  There was smoke from rubber tires screeching on the pavement filling the air.  Time seemed to slow down.  I surveyed my next action and direction of escape.  I had allowed several car lengths between myself and the cars ahead of me, so there was time, but it was fleeting as I tried to decide.  Almost reflexively, I ended up pulling to the right toward the regular lanes of traffic.  There was a big black truck there and I could have cut just in front of him, but I chose to ride the dividing lines instead.  They provided me a lane which was just enough for my bike without cutting off that truck.

As I watched the accident unfold, there was debris flying everywhere.  Four cars were involved and they were all struggling to maintain control of their vehicles.  One of them began moving toward me.  I was showered with plastic car part fragments as I held my bike steady and watched.  As if the hand of God Himself came down to adjust the situation, that car changed direction and headed left.  I’m not saying I saw it move sideways of its own accord, but that’s how it appeared to me.  One moment, I thought I was hamburger meat, the next I was free and clear of a tragic fate.  I slowed down after passing the pile-up, to assess the scene in my mirrors.  All four cars in the accident and several cars behind them had stopped and traffic was already going around.

I found myself in a daze.  I was unresponsive emotionally.  I drove on, following all the others who did not stop to help those in the accident.  I was not upset.  I was not angry.  I wasn’t fearful, shaken, scared, or anything.  I just drove.  When I finally exited the freeway onto Sahara, it hit me.  I could have died.  At highway speed, had I been hit by that car and sent in front of the truck which was to my right, I would have been crushed.

My thoughts were on this for most of the morning while at work.  I couldn’t focus at coffee in the break room, where I normally read the Word before getting to work.  My mind was racing over what had happened earlier.  This is the reason for writing about it now.  I had to document it.  God is good all  the time and this morning, He was faithful to His plans for me and for my life.  You see, He wants to use me.  How exactly that will look is still unknown to me, but I know the day is coming, just like Jesus knew it was not yet His time to die on the Sea of Galilee (you know, when He slept during the storm that almost flooded the boat and the disciples had to wake Him because they were terrified?).  Perhaps that is why I had no emotional reaction as that accident unfolded.  I wasn’t scared of death.  I knew God had it all along.  I knew I was not going to die on that highway.  I did my part.  I reacted to the best of my ability.  God did the rest.  Come to think of it, I’m going to go ahead and say God slid that car to my left as I passed it so that I didn’t get hit.  Yes, I’m saying it.

I hope and pray that no one was seriously injured in that accident.  No one died or the local news would have covered it, so I have that comfort.  I trust my Lord to glorify Himself in it, as He already has within me, proving to me that His promises are true.  His yes is still yes and His no is still no.  He still sits on the thrown.  So, though today began as a normally imperfect day, it is one in which the blessing was given early and clearly.  God showed me that it is a good day and it could have been a lot worse.  He is always there and, with Him, every day is exactly what it needs to be for us.  With that frame of mind, every day is perfect.  Nothing is out of order.  Nothing is out of place.  His sovereignty knows no bounds.  I’m happy and joyful in realizing that it’s all for my good.  All of it.  It all happened just the way He knew that it would.  It turned out to be a great day!